Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 & Beyond

If there is a theme to the first week back in art, it would be "integration". Third grade just finished some adorable 3D cartoons I call "critter cubes" (see below, plus 1 clay piece from 5th) based on the Apex HS art guru, Ian Sands' "Zonkey Street". This necessitated some discussions about "word bubbles", spelling, and other LA issues I had not anticipated (note for next year :). Then, 4th grade is moving into our big Anime/Marvel cartooning unit, which involves cartooning (of course), but also, planning narrative and the "plot mountain". Bonus--cartooning involves using PROPORTIONS ! Then, as noted in a prior post, we are doing accordion books in 5th grade again, but looking at the Mayan codices for our inspiration. Additionally, I'm almost ready to post a few more reverse instruction tutorials on Vimeo. Interesting aside, as we were beginning cartooning practice this week, a 4th grade student specifically asked me if I could post the cartooning source on my webpage,, so before the next class, I did. Took half a minute. Then, I reinforced the resource via Smartboard the rest of the day. For some students, this is no big deal, but for others, they really do want extension information. This was a good way to end my week...So in 2012 & beyond, I envision more overlapping of core and complimentary content in a very organic, yet specific way.

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