Monday, February 27, 2012

IPad Dreaming & Art/Math Integration

This post- has me dreaming about how cool it would be to have an art room iPad. Planning on noodling around with a tablet this summer myself. Until then, we are wrapping up our stop-motion animation in art club, the puppets in third grade are also done, and we are wrapping up radial art in 5th grade (giant math integration, using vocabulary-perimeter, diameter, radius, & chord, plus 1:1 help with math strategies for dividing fractions in half). I am including a screenshot from a math/art gallery site:
Here's the link for this intriguing site on artistic math/ mathematical art-- out the galleries, they are full of great project ideas! Final thought-I might even try to teach "digital mandalas" for students who are ready to move past "Typeface Face" in Photoshop, resource for that is HERE.

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