Friday, March 30, 2012

Art Club Claymation & "Oh Happy Clay"

Art club finished their Rotoball 2012 claymation before break & I am posting it on Vimeo (). Then, by happy accident I found this wonderful resource for art teachers using clay in the classroom called, "Oh Happy Clay". Then, found an awesome idea---paper sneakers from templates:
Lastly, instructions for turning nearly 200 stop-motion images into an animation using Photoshop (on a Mac): 1) Open "Bridge" > Open your images & select them > Batch Rename 1A) You can then select naming options, I chose text (type in name) & sequence (start with "1", so a 3 digit sequence starts with "001", important for animations with images into the hundreds) 2) in "Photoshop", open your pictures that have been renamed, but be sure to check-off the "image sequence" box, which will automatically place all your pictures into the "animation (timeline)" at the bottom of your PSD screen. 2A)Toggle "Onionskin" in your animation palette (hint: looks like a little onion) and then, crop your first frame (or any frame), which will then crop them all (HUGE timesaver if you are shooting pictures with different animation teams over several months as I did). Also, you can get fancy and "tween" between frames for smoother transitions, but for 5th grade stop-motion, that is more "teacher-do" than authentically student-made. 3) file>export>render video (choose your format, I used "Quicktime" which is a .mov file, but .avi, MPEG4, and other options are available). Additional resources available at-

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

At NAEA in Spirit

Well, I was at school teaching, but one of my students had art on the Big Screen Plaza & even went to go see it with their family. I am so happy that they supported his creative thinking and hard work by making the trip. Here's the picture:
Almost to spring break, so I'll go into more detail about art program news then. Check my school site at

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