Monday, June 11, 2012

My New Favorite Thing

I am a bad typist but I love to resource new things for teaching . As a result, have been tooling around with my new iPad since Friday night. Luckily, I had a nice apps gift card from last year, so I have been researching and downloading apps like a maniac to my new favorite thing, my iPad. Okay, bad typing is so much easier on the touchscreen. Intuitive capitalization and suggestions make it so seamless. Synced to iCloud, then got fairly decent on the troubleshooting once I got the iPad forum app. Also got some grading apps and of course, animation and art apps... becoming an indispensable tool really fast. My son said he preferred the iPad for web surfing and I have to agree. Syncing to Apple devices is pretty easy, too. In less than three days, feeling pretty good about working with the apps, including Dropbox, Notability, Sketchbook Pro, Data Tracker Plus, plus about ten more.One thing I learned, don't download apps for iPad3 if you do not have it, you end up with an icon that you have to "redraft" to get rid off, which involves holding down both the home key and power button until the apple appears. Battery time? Well, charged once so far, but have been running a good part of the day for over two days. I am extremely glad that we Have WiFi at our house! Overall, I see this as such a powerful complement to all the tech teachers and students use. I will keep updating as I work through the various assessment apps I am testing, but still leaning to developing my own. Another nice link HERE.
one more great resource|


  1. Great to hear Lois. Don't forget to use Twitter hashtags like #ipadchat #edapp to learn about more apps. New ones coming out daily. Have fun!

  2. Thanks, Michelle-will do that! I sort of forgot about Twitter...


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