Monday, October 29, 2012

Integration Thoughts

Just wrapping up a big unit on Cubist art, using tempera paint with the fourth graders. It was an integration with geometry, at the request of several fourth grade teachers. We started out by answering the question, "What is Cubism?", then moved on to the art of Charles Demuth, and particularly, "I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold". I asked the students to draw a number that represents them and randomly put at least 5 ruler lines across their composition. We did a pre-assessment of geometry concepts/terms, then spent the next 3 weeks painting. I started the students off with mixing at least 2 secondaries from primaries, then let them try tints, shades, and tertiaries (if so desired). Then, I found a wonderful 4th grade geometry lesson at Smarttech and used that to review all the types of lines, angles, and shapes that they could find in their art. Students put tracing paper over their completed paintings, and traced/labelled at least 3 of the terms, plus completed a reflection. Finally, all was collected, and we did the post-assessment. Now, I just need to collate and grade all 440 (220 pre, 220 post)! So, how do I feel about all this? I like showing connections between art and other content areas, but then, I dislike giving up any art making time for testing. I am hopeful that the data will show that this was helpful, which would be a vindication of all the effort I put into this (meeting with 4th grade teachers, finding geometry resources and making them accessible in my once a week, 45 minute art class, not letting the studio time get away from us, etc.). It is stressful to catch students up who are absent, some classes will miss due to a field trip, other time management issues that crop up on integrations like this. Some other folks thoughts on integrating the arts are HERE and HERE.

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