Sunday, October 14, 2012

School Starts and Art Apps
So far, a busy and productive start to the year. All summer, I have been playing around with an iPad for  both art creation and assessment investigations. The links above are from two amazing art teachers, and the lists are very concise for art education apps.
A few assessments apps I would add are Easy Assessment and Data Tracker.
It seems like I have been busier than usual, partly because of piloting new evaluation policies in the art room, but also because I am doing a design challenge-- making a piece of art every day. I've been documenting it on my other blog,  More Art 24/7 . I've really enjoyed the creative commitment, even after a long day of teaching. I would encourage any busy, stressed- out teacher to give themselves a similar intellectual space to challenge themselves. After all, we ask our students to challenge themselves every day, right?

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