Monday, June 10, 2013

The Blend

    Needless to say, this has been a neglected blog. Part of the reason, is that I use my iPad for so many things as an educator, that I stopped parking educational reflections and videos here. Another reason, I started my "Daily Repeat", making art every day, or nearly, and that has been keeping me busy (oh, and teaching full time, being a mom, wife, etc. & etc.). My most recent post is above (#315). I should add that I was busy checking out colleges and doing myriad paperwork for college apps for child #1 (a wise co-worker told me that the college stuff is like a second job, and that was so true)...
   One of the primary things is that I got so involved with learning new technologies, and man, there is only so much time in the day. Art education/teaching/my own learning curve all blended together this year. My 5th grade art club students made a "sandmation", and they collaborated via Edmodo to design "sprites" for our gifted math kids to make educational math games with using Scratch, a free programming suite from MIT! Here are a few examples of those, to the right. --->
  We even Skyped with a storyboard artist from Paramount Pictures. That video can be seen on my school website,
   I wrote two grants, one for a clay tile mural we will do starting next fall, and another (pending) for a "Robotics Theater" (building honest-to-goodness robots, programming and everything).
   I just posted images on Pinterest of our district art show in May. We had hundreds & hundreds of pieces of art from grades one through twelfth!
   And then, there were SLO's (Student Learning Objectives)--the new evaluation tool for teachers that do not have Value-Added data. Yes, all that had to be researched, written, approved.  The new state art standards are in, and we are starting our COS (Course of Study) revision cycle. All of these things are exciting and worthy endeavors, but also time-consuming. So many people do not realize how much love, energy, and innovation goes into being an art teacher (or any teacher for that matter).
   So, in 2013/14 academic year, my goal is to "blend" even more, but find the time to reflect here, too...I'll end this post with one more goody, Makey Makey---they are too cool!

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