Sunday, July 14, 2013

Am I a Pirate?
   A big book making the rounds in education right now is this idea/book called Teach Like a P.I.R.A.T.E. I always sort of thought that most art teachers are like "pirates": we scrounge for supplies, make alliances with other teachers and technology to further our cause, say "arrgh" a lot (mostly in our heads), and we are a passionate bunch! Is it even possible to be a "pirate" 6 periods a day, 5 days a week? The main take-aways for teaching this way seem to be:

     So, every summer, I try to refill the well of my inspiration: gardening, working on the last bit of my 365 Challenge (making art every day), antiquing, being with my family, just noodling around and seeing where it takes me. As teachers, we give a lot--- & we also get a lot in return; the momentum is really hard to describe to someone who is not there in the classroom. I am pretty sure that I am a pirate---have been for years, and I thank Mr. Burgess for inspiring others to be more like art teachers (the original educational pirates if you ask me).
    I am going to end this post with one more thought, the push to go STEM to STEAM. Back in Leonardo's day, art and science were intertwined; the dichotomy we have today is artificial and limiting. Some of the most recent scientific advances have required very creative thinking, such as looking to how octopuses have sharp beaks attached to gelatinous bodies is yielding advances in better artificial limbs. I think STEAM is very much a "pirate" alliance---messy but workable. When did being an artist and being a scientist become mutually exclusive?
   Maybe, taking the Burgess acronym and making it a little more kid-friendly would help the cause.
Original....P- Passion                                             
                 I- Immersion
                R- Rapport
                A- Ask and Analyze
                T- Transformation
                E- Enthusiasm
Student version....P- Play
                             I- Involved
                             R- Relate
                             A- Ask and Analyze
                             T- Try
                             E- Enthusiasm


  1. Hi, sounds very interesting....I wholeheartedly agree that subjects should be integrated it's just more relevant to real life. Have you read the book? I was thinking about purchasing it, but I'm leery of buying books and then they aren't worth the money. Would you recommend it?

  2. I read several chapters, excerpts online, but not the whole book. I actually plan on getting the Kindle version soon as I do think it is worth the $$. So many education books are not, I agree.


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