Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How Pinterest Saved My Planning

I started the year with some amazing innovations, primarily inspired by the Teach Like a Pirate ethic, but then got derailed by the (unanticipated) need to be out for surgery. Since I always do lesson plans as holistic units, being out for 2 weeks was not such a big deal (okay, it was emotionally a big deal, but all my materials were prepped and ready to go). Then, I found out that I needed to be out for 2 weeks more (big OMG moment) and this was really something for someone who usually misses only a few days each year! As an art teacher, I always feel like the artwork suffers when I am not there. Over the summer, I started revamping my reference boards on Pinterest, and since part of my recuperation has involved plenty of sleepless nights, I felt at least marginally productive researching and adding images in the dark, wee hours of the night on my iPad or phone (I put the apps on both, extremely convenient). So when my sub called to say my kids had run through a unit faster than expected (mostly because a) I was not there, but also because b) we have a 4 day block schedule now), I was able to readily dig up a great lesson idea from one of my Pinboards and transfer it into my LP Word format. Apparently, other educators are realizing the genius of this:

4 Innovative ideas for using Pinterest to support learning

Feel free to check out my boards (for elementary art) at http://www.pinterest.com/lgirbino/

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