Monday, December 30, 2013

Being Flexible

If there was one behavior I had to keep in mind this first semester of school, it would be "flexibility". I had to adjust my pacing several times due to projects taking longer than I hoped for, and also because we went to a four day rotation for third and fourth grade. I also ended up becoming the advisor for another club. I should add that we are rewriting our Course of Study to align with the new state standards and yes, we also have a new teacher evaluation system (state-wide). So, yeah, "flexibility" was the watchword of the first semester for me as an art educator. If you are trying to integrate your curriculum, then being flexible is also very important because (no offense grade level teachers) you are also rewriting curriculum and coming up with cool ideas, but not a year ahead like me, merely a few weeks or less for implementation. So, I am definitely trying to pull off a new unit, "Graphic Novels", with very little lead time, for my fifth graders when we return from break. I am actually quite excited to try this Language Arts integration, and I think we will still have time to do the robot unit I had planned, just do it a little later and a little smaller. So now, resources I found for Graphic Novels are:

There are plenty more posts to come on this integration as I work through it. Right now, I plan on having ALL the students do a graphic novel based on a myth, but work within a style (like "romantic" or "mystery"). This is all in alignment to a new literacy standard. As I figure it all out, I will post.

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