Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tech, Art, & Putting It Out There

The first semester is behind us and the second semester is upon us, and I say, "Unleash the tech!". In fifth grade, students are starting a Graphic Novels unit, with a very strong Common Core State Standards (CCSS) integration: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.5.7: "Analyze how visual and multimedia elements   contribute to the meaning, tone, or beauty of a text (e.g. graphic novel, multimedia presentation of fiction, folktale, myth, poem)."To help achieve student-led investigations, I created another pinboard: http://www.pinterest.com/lgirbino/graphic-novels/
We have already done a pre-survey of graphic novels and I have dug into student fluency data thanks to my fifth grade Language Arts teachers. The myth I decided to give to all my fifth graders is "Pandora's Box", and the ten literary tones they got to randomly select (I "game-ified" this component) include futuristic, scary, funny, and minimal words. Already, students have come up with Pandora unleashing via wormholes, zombies (of course), and "Panda's Box". Creativity is alive and well in the art room!

Fourth graders have completed the tiles for the community tile mural project! Hopefully, the bitterly cold, record-setting weather will not interfere with their creations. I carefully covered each class's tiles with layers of newspaper before the predicted cold front came through. Hopefully, adjusting the tile thickness to 3/8" and drying very, very slow will help get us through to the bisque-firing. I wrote and received a grant to fund this tile mural project, and I cannot wait until we get to the glazing!!!

I am working on getting some visiting artists, local architects, which would lead nicely to a Sketch-Up integration. In the past, students have loved working on computers to design three dimensional artwork much like the Minecraft gaming experience so many of them are already familiar with.

Third grade is halfway into their second cartooning project, "Zonkey Cartooning". We started with "Art Dogs" (another pinboard), where we used colored pencil and focused on pattern. Now, we are talking about the cartooning style of Ian Sands and using tempera paint. This is the thing about "putting it out there"---Ian is an innovative art educator, and he posts all kinds of interesting stuff that he does with his students at Apex High School. I am lucky to have found so many talented, creative, and successful art educators via the internet. I feel grateful that they put themselves "out there", and I put myself "out there", too, through multiple platforms: my blogs, my school webpage, Artsonia, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest. I am not trying to make a buck from these things, I want to share because I seek feedback and also because I get so much inspiration from other people. Call it "crowd sourcing", Personal Learning Networks, or whatever, as the only art teacher in my building, I love having these resources at my fingertips. Thanks to all you art folk who innovate and share!


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