Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Art Show Prep Time

  • Every year, for at least eight years (I think), our art department has pulled together a giant district art show. First, we used to take over the entire high school commons area (cafeteria, foyer, hallway). Then, we got even bigger and took over an entire high school gymnasium. I have several pinboards from the last two years on my Pinterest:
  • It takes a long time to pull all the art together and get it labeled. Hanging the show usually takes a good three to four hours (and that is after teaching all day). Still, I enjoy the process as it is a time for reflection on the year and really enjoy the students' artworks. I start pulling from the beginning of the school year, keeping the most creative pieces from hallway displays. Then, I begin shaping what to add. For instance, is one grade level more represented than another? Is there enough media variation? What can go on the limited number of display boards? What can be put on tables? Do I need more explanatory signage? 
  • I am at the stage, now, where I am spending hours labeling additional art. I always like to get new projects out there, plus I have a bias for always liking the latest project best. 
  • Thoughts on showing artwork from other art teachers:                 

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